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Learning Solutions

We provide a range of corporate IT training and education solutions, catering to individuals with varying technical capabilities. Click the button below to learn more about the services we offer, or reach out to us to  learn where you can find our courses.


Small and large scale seminars covering a variety of distributed technology related material with occasional international guest speakers.


In addition to our seminars, we offer a range of courses in a webinar format for added flexibility and ease of access.


We offer a range of workshops where the content, duration, venue and group size may be customized according to the client’s desired specifications

Professional Services

Technology is rapidly evolving, and organizations need to re-evaluate their strategies and ensure they are equipped to adapt. We work directly with our clients to understand their individual needs and offer bespoke solutions designed to provide them with the agility they need to stay ahead.


We work with clients to develop strategy, understand & navigate regulatory landscapes, analyse process efficiency and identify opportunities.


We help public and private sector organisations to identify how Distributed Technologies may impact their operations; and work with them to execute large-scale strategic initiatives.


We develop concept prototypes and determine feasibility in order to provide our clients with the confidence that their solutions have the potential for real-world application.

Our Events

Contemporary innovation is often of a result of combining existing products, services or ideas; it is important that unique ideas are able to transcend industry borders and cross-pollinate. We are committed to providing an inter-industry platform that encourages and enables a healthy fusion of great ideas.


Our hackathons are a great opportunity to showcase grass-roots talent and provide a vehicle for talented individuals to network.


An aggregation of individuals and organizations operating within the distributed technologies ecosystem working on exciting projects and developments.


Inter-industry forums and panel discussions featuring occasional guest speakers with the aim of facilitating a friction-less flow of ideas.


Digital and live podcasts exploring various developments within the distributed technologies ecosystem.

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